Hope in The Time of Corona

January 2020, the new decade brought a ’10-year photo challenge’ that took over our social media feed. I was setting new goals, making new-year resolutions and doing a decent job sticking to them. Life was gushing along like a stream fed by snowmelt – brimming and full of potential. I celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends and loved ones. There was an abundance of food, wine, cake, laughter, handshakes, and hugs.

February leaped in soon enough with an extra day in tow, like a generous examiner happy to give an additional 5 minutes so you can finish the exam. A leap day!

In March, CoronaVirus became that annoying relative at family gatherings, at first, you try to ignore, but as the day goes by they inevitably get drunk, act belligerent and bring the whole house down. This Pandemic continues to redefine our ‘normal’, even as humans across the globe struggle to make sense of the situation. Digging stats, refreshing feeds, clinging to hope that some random drug will be the answer, panic buying toilet paper, sanitizer and cleaning supplies, obsessively washing hands, wiping surfaces, sanitizing groceries to sheltering in place and practicing social distancing – is the new norm.


You should marry a geek, or at the very least date one.

Reasons why you should marry a geek | Date a geek |Love | Valentine's Day | Geek is the new Sexy | thesavorist.comYou should marry a geek or start dating one at the very least, because he’s the closest thing to the mythical creature you are looking for, the ‘perfect man’. Marry a guy who codes for a living and for entertainment. He can write codes and decrypt yours. He can have a full conversation in binary and is more interested in the gadget than the half naked blonde modeling it.

Marry a geek who has read every book on your list and more; seen every movie you love and would watch them again with you. Marry him to ride into the sunset holding hands and reciting your favorite dialogues in your make-belief baritone voice. If you have a habit of getting late, tell him you were playing Gandalf. After all, ‘a wizard is never early, nor is he ever late. He arrives precisely when he means to’.

Find a guy who finished Britannica by the time he was ten and whose favorite non profit organisation is Wikimedia Foundation. He devours wikipedia more ferociously than a broken hearted woman devours ice-cream and makes generous donations to keep it ads free. Marry him for his generosity or marry him for guaranteed entertaining life because he’ll always have something enchanting to talk about.

Of Memories and Photographs

The Savorist - Of memories and photographs. #photography #photographs #pictures #eye #memories

If a picture says a thousand words, our DSLRs and iPhones have certainly made us verbose.

We have thousands of vacation pictures tucked away somewhere on our computers. I personally had to order a new hard drive because my laptop couldn’t take it anymore. We don’t want to miss out on anything. There is almost a compulsive urge to capture all the moments and memories, lest our less than efficient brain forgets a detail. In this mad rush to capture memories, we forget about making any.