New York

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My Summer Fling (New York City)

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I’m a cynic, you know. Professing my immediate love for anything, no matter how glorious is an impulse that is highly improbable, if not entirely out of the question in my world.

I moved to NYC in Aug 2014. You could’ve filled a stadium with all the people who congratulated me when I announced my move. I was told I’ve ‘arrived’. In contrast, I didn’t get even half the fanfare when I first moved continents – New Delhi, India to San Fransisco, USA. Apparently, entire continents dwarf in comparison to NYC. Most humans, stepping into NYC for the first time, arrive in a dazed ‘dream-come-true’ state, unabashedly proclaiming their love for the ‘greatest city in the world’. I, on the other hand, found myself undecided on how I felt about the city even after two years. I too wanted to jump on the ‘greatest city in the world’  train  subway. Spoiler alert – despite a rocky start and 2 yrs of a troubled relationship, this story has a happy ending.  (more…)